Welcome, my name is Brian and this is my most recent personal project.

Take a look around, stay a while. Feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Independents?
I have arranged the tweets by caucus, that means Senators Sanders & Lieberman are under Democrats, Senator Murkowski is classified Republican

How often do the feeds get updated
The feeds get updated almost in real time, however Twitter puts a limit on the rate of use

Are you a Democrat or a Republican?
None of yo' business.

Is this legal?
Yes, take a gander at the Twitter API's Terms of Service.

Technical Info

- Built with Django, a web development framework written in Python.

- Used the extensive Twitter Application Programming Interface (API) to access the politician's twitter feeds.

- Took advantage of the Tweepy Python library to make the feed updates seamless and easy.

- Hosted at Webfaction, a great full service web host.


The Next Web had a favorable review for PolitickerUSA!


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