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  • Handicapping the 2012 Presidential Horserace - Twitter Edition

    Newt Gingrich has suspended his campaign, Rick Santorum has reached his limit and Mitt Romney has won the title of presumptive Republican presidential nominee. (Assuming that Ron Paul's delegate strategy comes up short.) Now as a two man race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, we can compare the candidates' platforms, promises and platitudes. And in 2012 we can compare the candidates' Twitter feeds. Very serious business...

  • Which Members of Congress are Fighting for and against SOPA?

    Have you heard about the House's Stop Online Piracy Act bill yet? Technology analysts warn that provisions in SOPA, and its sister bill in the Senate (the Protect IP Act), will cripple many of the largest technology companies. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and many others have come out against the ...

  • What We Tweet About When We Tweet About Politics

    I had two goals when I came up with the idea of PolitickerUSA.com To show current trends of U.S. Politicians Twitter feeds. to Analyze an ever growing database of political tweets. Well after a few months of collecting feeds from the President, Congresspeople & Senators, I am ready to crack ...

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